My Webflow Review



Hey man! Loved the video and I agree that not everyone is a young, technology-age person that can adapt to the web so quickly. Keep practicing and like you said it will become second nature. Also, the site isn’t bad for your first time! Some of the animations are in a weird loop and some of them you can see perform the animation when they are supposed to be invisible and then become visible when they animate. But trust me when I say no one gets it perfect the first time haha.

Hi @zentango thank you so much for the honest review. You’ve elegantly put into words what I try to tell & inspire people to do everyday on this forum and on the Webflow workshops.

I also personally believe that age is nothing but a number and anyone can learn anything as long as they put in the time and effort into it.

I hope to be just like you in my senior years where I keep seeking to learn something that I have yet to understand.

As for your request for more long form tutorials, our Education team has done just that. Here are two links that may help:

Hope this helps and thanks again for being a wonderful part of this community.

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one more thing. you might want to turn off autofocus so that your site doesn’t auto-scroll down at first load:



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