My webflow editors cannot create new blog posts


I’ve seen on the webflow editor tutorial, that an editor is supposed to be able to create new collections items, such as, in my case, blog posts.
However, for all the editor i’ve invited, none of them can create new blog posts. Indeed, when they hover the “new blog post” button, the cursor turns into an interdiction symbol, moreover the button has a deactivate state. All in all, it is not possible for my editors to create new collections items.

How do I fixe this? I have a free account plan and a business project plan. Do I need to upgrade my account plan in order to make this possible?


Hi @1kprod,

Welcome to the community and to answer your immediate question, you do not need to upgrade your account plan to change this. The account plan allows you to have numerous inactive projects on your dashboard without being hosted. The Business Hosting plan is the highest non e-com plan you can have with the most functionality.

Would you be able to send us screen shots of what you are seeing as we are not able to access your editor through the share link!


It does look like the Editor is down system wide.

It isnt anything you have done. I will reach out to tech support on yours and many others behalf.

Thanks for your answer

Just in case, here is what I see


Thanks @1kprod,

I see it too. I have sent it up the line. Thanks for letting us know.

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So…what is the solution? I’m also experiencing this issue.