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My Webflow Creation!

So I just finished my first website with WebFlow. Really enjoyed using it and defiantly going to give it a try and develop my next projects with it!

For my first webflow site I elected to create a new “resume/portfolio” site. I based it off a Photoshop piece I did over the summer and my love of Sci-Fi.

Still putting the final touches on it but feedback is always welcome and if you see any issues viewing the site let me know!


Much appreciated,

Looks great!! :slight_smile: Fantastic work!

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That hero banner! Least I can say it’s very unique (: Good jo & interesting WP tool.

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Thank you for the comments, they are much appreciated!

Awesome work! Everyone be sure to like it here:

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Your space-bg class’s img doesn’t span the entire width of the background. You may want to adjust that, on 1968 it cuts off on the edges.

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Thanks again guys and for the feedback @RickK. I am now looking into resolving this issue!

Thanks again @RickK for bringing that issue to me and helping in resolving it!

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