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My Webflow Codes & Tutorials Site - New stuff added

------- New Navigation Tutorials -------


I’ve ran into som very new cool stuff lately here on the forum that I added to my Webflow Codes & Tutorials website.
@vincent and @maximus showed off some cool tricks regarding navigation. There’s two tutorials using the native Nav Bar Widget and one tutorial created from scratch that I’ve now have made step-by-step instructions to.

The nav bar tricks are:

  • Bottom Nav Sticky On Top (bottom navbar sticks on top on scroll) - Section of “Native Elements”
  • Full Page Overlay Nav (Created from scratch) - Section of “Element Tutorials”
  • Full Page Overlay Nav (Webflow Native Nav Widget) - Section of “Native Elements”

You’ll find them here:


Good job Steven! I save it. Thanks!!

About the Mapbuilder when you click GET CODE, I choose the tab EMBED and copy the iframe code. Later on in Weblow I paste, with the embed widget, the code in any div or section. Thats it.
You have to register to save the map. Now you cannot view it in Webflow, just when is published. Now you can make changes to the map in Mapbuilder and get it just refreshing.


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Hi Rafa!

Sweet! I signed up for the Mapbuildr a few months ago so I also discovered that save feature and that its now working correctly (however it does not save your choice of Snazzy Map theme but just the settings for the map). In the past there was a problem with saving your maps (they kept disappearing) but seems it has been solved.
Haven’t tried the iframe solution yet, but gonna have a look at it!

I love to see some of my codes, tips and tricks in this awesome library! :slight_smile: Well done Bro!

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Yes @bartekkustra! You are great inspiration and actually one of the main reason I created this library! :smile:
I wish that I, from the start, noted down who’s done this and done that…but I didn’t because this was initially just a bunch of codes saved in a Google Doc document available just for me personally. And figuring out who’s behind everything right now when the library has become quite big would take aaages.

I really hope people don’t think I’m riding on their fortune and fame when it comes to resolving stuff or creating something cool. That is absolutely not my intention nor my wish. I just want to share the great knowledge on this forum and explain it in a simple way so other can take it on to their websites in order to create awesome stuff!

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I totaly agree! I believe having all of this in one place is an amazing idea. I’ve been working for the past month on my Udemy course that has some great Webflow Tips & Tricks inside :slight_smile: that one will be distributed for free :slight_smile:

I hope you will continue to expand that lib, although you might want to check if there are errors inside :slight_smile: I’ve seen one regarding click and hover states of button - you had swapped headings. also a demo or quick explanation might be useful as well…

Contact me if you have any ideas or questions regarding JavaScript possibilities in Webflow. My clients (also those who became my friends) can approve what I can do with Webflow :smiley:


Cool! :slight_smile: My aim is definitely continue to expand the library…as soon as I’m stumbling into something cool it get’s added :smile:

Gonna have a check on those errors you pointed out! And I’ll get in touch with you regarding Javascript stuff in Webflow once I’ll get ideas :smile:

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Sorry to ask , but I can’f find Navbar code from site.
Where are they?

Hey @taedori, firstly, don’t feel sorry to ask. :smiley:

If you go over to the Click segment, you can find the navbar codes.

Oh I just missed that.

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