My Vimeo looping embeds stopped working

Hi Vimeo people -
Have not visited my site in detail in last few months. Just noticed my VIMEO embeds that I had coded to loop no longer play or loop. Wondering if you know what might have happened.

My site’s share:

as a reference, hit the “Scotts” page. towards top of page there is a large laptop image. Over the screen area is an embed that used to work nicely. now it doesn’t.

I have about 4-5 of these throughout site. would love to get them working again.

Any help greatly appreciated -
Scott B.

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Hi @scottbarbey, could you please also help to share a link to the published site? That will give more information on errors that may be generated by the iframe vimeo embed code, if any.

Hi Dave -

Sure. Site is

My assumption is issue involves safari and chrome changing their rules on autoplaying video. That said… I’m ultimately looking for code that would work in both safari and chrome.

I can host the videos from either youtube or vimeo.

Thanks -


Hi Scott,

Take a peek at this page:

It has a section on the autoplay restrictions and some workarounds.

I hope this helps.