My URL is not responding

I created a video projects portfolio,, with the 21 day portfolio course. I have been on hosting at $14/month for a while, but I recently changed debit cards and webflow was unable to charge me for the hosting. I didn’t get to enter my new card’s details until after my site had been unpublished.
Here are the problems I have:
. I was able to add my new card, but strangely the 14/month plan was unavailable(greyed out/unclickable), so I signed up for the Freelancer 16/month plan.
. I updated my site in the designer just fine, even getting to add another CMS wedding video successfully. I published the site in the designer, but still can’t get to my website if I enter
When I hit Publish, I think it may have published to, which is just the design page for my site.

I would like clients to be able to see my work again. What am I missing?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Noah, I can’t see your account, but you mentioned “Freelancer”, which is a workspace plan, not a site plan.

It seems entirely possible that instead of setting up hosting for your site, you’ve purchased freelancer workspace which allows you to work much more freely with new sites while you’re building them - however it has nothing to do with hosting an individual site.

The site plan is purchased directly from the site’s individual settings, so you probably still need to do that.

If you’re planning to build more sites, the freelancer plan is the right way to go - however if not, message webflow support and see what they can do. They’ve always been very helpful for me on billing issues.