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My Table is being squished, but only in the actual site


So was i was working on this site and this odd thing is started to happen, where the tables I have are being squished, to the left, in a cascading effect, like the further down you scroll the more they are being squished.

Here is the site, when being viewed in the preview mode

It looks fine, there is nothing wrong

And here is the site when being viewed live in it’s own tab;

I checked webflow and there is nothing pushing that table, I even tried deleting the container the tables are in and I still had the same problem, only everything was on the left side of the screen.

I checked the source code through chrome’s dev console and there is nothing telling it to be pushed over. Is this just another glitch, if so, does anyone have any idea for a work around.

thank you for any help.

Oh and everything works fine on mobile view.

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