My site looks nothing like the designer


Any idea why the colors change?

Everything looks the same from here with the exception of your red-background starting state.

You didn’t share your readonly project link so I’ll have to guess, but my guess is that you’ve designed your site like this;

  • main canvas has a red background
  • interaction starts at 0, changes the background to purple, and animates text

In the designer, it sees the initial state as red background, because you don’t have an initial state set in your interactions.

In the live site, there’s never a “pause at 0:00”, so you never see that red.

I will look at the interactions. Thank you!

The only interactions are two animations. There’s no color change.

So this link looks right. But my preview and published links are not right.

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Thank you so much for the reply. That was very helpful.

One more question…on the page called “Games”, how do I change the “Igglepud” text in the top left? I can’t figure out how to select it.

Nevermind, I just got rid of it.