My site loads on my 3rd section instead of the first

Hey again,

Hope I’m not annoying anybody, but I’m having an issue, where I published my main site, but whenever I load it from wherever. It loads up on the 3rd section, instead of showing the 1st section first. The site fully loads though.

Hope you can help me out with this fix today cause I gotta send my portfolio to a couple companies.



Hey JD, Can you please post the share link. The directions for this can be found at the top of the forum.

Hey @JohnnyDoe, do you have a form on your page by chance? If you have an input element with the Autofocus option clicked, the page will jump down to that form automatically.

If it’s not that, do you see a section name in your URL? E.g. something like after a # character?

@callmevlad Thank you so much, this solved it. Accidentally left it on autofocus. Have a great one everybody!!!

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