My site is not looking as expected

Hey, can anyone help me with this please
Site i’m working on is looking great in the webflow designer, but it nothing like i want to when i publish it. i thought it was the interactions and animations, i went ahead and removed it, but it’s still not changing.
Here’s the preview link - Webflow - Merkq

and here’s the published link -

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Merkq
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @ayushjake111, nice site. Would be helpful if possible to share which bits look different between the designer/preview and just a bit more specifics, perhaps some screenshots comparing the two so those on the forum can dig in and have a look.

When it comes to the hero section the top images interfere with the navbar. Try setting the outtest div (e.g. main-wrapper) to relative and increase the z-index so that it doesnt interfere.

I want the published site to look just like it’s showing in the webflow designer.
I cant seem to find what’s the issue - on a published site lot of things are not populating.
i’ve made several webflow projects and this is the first time i’m facing this issue.

webflow preview vs published link

Above is the full preview snapshot

And this one is the same published site

I don’t understand why the published site looks nothing like the preview one

looks like you figured it out now as the website seems to display everything