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My site doesn't show in Android 4.4.2 :/

Hallo guys!

I check my site in many devices, it works fine in iPads, iPhones and macs, but today I check a small Samsung, in different browsers, and it just doesn’t show up, or it does in a very weird way. All rest of web pages I tried show ok in this device.

Can anybody out there double check or tell me what’s wrong with it?

Thanks a lot


Hi David.

You may have overlooked a nice feature of the Webflow designer: simulating various width within a media query range (in between two breakpoints).

Vary the width of the viewport by hovering then dragging the right edge. Notice how the names of the targeted devices appear at the bottom.

Notice also how the smallest one is called “various old Android phones” which probably includes the device you have problem with.

The design strategy here is to make one madia query range desiogn as elastic as possible so it behaves right for every width. So yes, don’t use fixed values, whatever the breakpoint you’re working on is.

Yeah!! Thank you very much.

I didn’t know this re-sizing feature, also the problem was my fixed values.

Now it works, thank for taking the time.
Have a nice day.


Anytime (:

Have a nice day too.

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