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My site "disengages" when scrolling... dotted theme

hi there! my first post here!! oohhh… i’m in love with webflow, i was in need of this.

i have set up the “dotted” theme, doing a lot of stuff. so i suppose i moved something wrong…

the case is that my site moves from right to left when scrolling (specially as you are nearer to the footer), instead of being fixed only to vertical scrolling. can anybody help me with this issue??

my site is http//

thanks a log!!
a lot a mean

Yo does not resolve doesn’t either.


up! dns didn¡t spread properly yet.

this is it:

i hope i can fix it.

thanks in advance!

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

But anyway, 99% of chances you can fix this by selecting your sections one by one and applying a “overflow:hidden” property to them. Your problem is that an element set to slide from outside of the page to the inside is sitting outside the window, making the page width bigger than the window. This is a common “bug” with Webflow interactions. So try to apply this to all of your sections :


it worked very well, very fast, easy.

thanks a lot for your support.

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