My selfcreated Chatbot form is not able to submit the form


I have created a chatbot that is meant to generate leads based on customer responses. The code doesn’t have any obvious errors, but the commands from lines 475 to 513 are not working properly. The form is not being submitted at the end of the code, and I don’t understand why.

The code is supposed to ask questions and forward all the answers received from the customer via a form. When the customer answers the last question, the “Submit-Button” should be clicked automatically, and the customer should receive a success message (in this case, “geschafft”). However, this is not working as planned.

The code snippet that I provided sets a variable “q14” to the text “We will get back to you ASAP! :)”, sets this text in an element with the class “response–5” and in an element with the class “geschafft”. Then a timeout of 1.5 seconds is set, and the form is automatically submitted by triggering a click on the submit button. The variable “hidden” is set to “teeTt” before the click is executed.

I have checked for typos, but I haven’t found any so far.

You can find the Code in the settings of page “JetztAnfragen”

The page I’m talking about is seen on the picture: Page: JetztAnfragen.


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