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My second site with webflow and Perch CMS

Hey Guys,

Here’s my new site w/ webflow and perch. The client can update everything and reorder case studies and videos.


Nice integration. You might want to adjust the photo ratios. They all looked distorted.

Oh man thank you I was working on this until the wee hours and I must have spaced. lol I just fixed it @jdesign

Are the See / Why / Film elements suppose to be clickable options ?

If not - then perhaps take off the surrounding box. It makes it look like an option.

What part of the website is being update with Perch… that videos at the bottom ?

Where are these ‘case studies’.

Those “case studies” are the video thumbnails at the bottom. Through perch he can update all of those as well as reorder them. He can also change the copy on the page.

I must admit working with perch on this one was a bit more difficult that the other build …but just a bit

the reordering thing is what I’m interested in.

The client needs to the ability to create an record - employee name - bio - position… and upload a photo.

And sort the records in whatever order they want.

Can perch upload photos ?

I just noticed - they email address is at the bottom in a mailto link.

I generally use js to display email addresses… helps reduce spam.

Spammers have a tendency to scrape website for email addresses.

Absolutely there are “tags” that serve different purposes. So once you create a template the client can upload photos reorder and rename them.