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My re-design for Sever Pro Films

Working on a re-design of a video production company Sever Pro Films.


Thanks Webflow! :heart:


Good Job man!! this is a well done website, very pro!

Hey @nuetige, looks great!

Just a quick tip, if you change the tag of your Navbar element from <div> to <header> (you can do it in the Settings tab), the smooth scroll will correctly align your sections with the bottom of the header. Otherwise, right now they are sliding to the top of the page - with the top of each section a big obstructed by the nav. Also, it will be more semantic HTML :smiley:

This is the answer of many unsolved topics on this forum I think :slight_smile: Also must be affecting the 100% height size of sections, isn’t it?

amazing work !!!
i really like the use of the gradient over the video wrapper.

Very clean and very clean. Good work there.

Sweet job!
How did you add the background icons in the contact form?

Thank, Jaime, callmevlad, OrangePeel, Revolution, StevenP!

Background icons in the contact form its a just text, i use font Font Awesome :slight_smile: