Streaming live at 10am (PST)

My personal folio website - KM Media is now live!

A massive thanks to the Webflow community who have helped me out over the last few months, I genuinely wish you guys the best success, you’re a credit to web designers everywhere!

Without further ado, here is my personal folio site!

All comments/criticisms are more than welcome. I had a few little issues along the way, the worst of which was an annoying bug with webkit browsers shifting text around whenever a webflow IX was animating. In the end i gave up and removed the looping animation on the bottom arrow of the first section.

Anyway, thanks again, hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


hey man,
this is looking really nice. I like the font choice as well.

I was wondering if you can shed some light on how you did your fade in nav?
I have been trying to do that exact thing but it is not working for me.
Here is what I have so far:

If you have the time/want, please let me know if you can help.
Thanks Karl.

Thank you!

The navbar fade in actually came straight from webflow ( using their new interactions. The video (for me at least) is a little confusing, it took me some playing around to get it to work properly, but in the end it works well.

Good luck with the site, looking good so far!

thanks Karl… I got it going!

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Looks like the product of many hours of thought and hard work. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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Straight up dope. Nice work.

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Love it! Nice use of interactions.

You mentioned an issue with text shifting… I’m curious, did you try any CSS tweaks to work around this? Sometimes using -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden can reduce some flickering artifacts in certain situations.


Thanks Danro :smile:

Yes I tried everything under the sun, though perhaps I wasn’t putting it on the right element. To be honest I’m not to fussed now, it works, so I’ll leave it at that!