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My perfect WebFlow CMS scenario

This is the TOP 4 items that i would be extremely happy if Webflow decided to put on a CMS.

  • Custom fields
    Practical case - I want to build a news section and i want a field for Title, Subtitle, News, Category, Date… etc… etc…

  • Categories
    Practical case - I want to build a music shop that has lot´s of categories and sub-categories like:

    • Books
      • New
      • Drama
      • Action
    • CD´s
      • Rock
      • Romantic
      • Electronic
        • Techno
        • House
    • Movies
      • Old
      • New
      • Epic
  • Filters
    So i have all the back office with the information, now i want to show it on the site/design, i need some type of filter that give´s me data
    Practical case - Give me 4 items from News - Categorie 2 Order by date.
    This part is very important, visually getting the data from the back office.

  • Templates
    Now this is the part where all CMS´s fails. Putting the content on the design.
    Practical case - I have a design with 4 news, image and title. I need a simple visual way to put the data on my design.

I know there is 300 more things i can put on my list… but these 4 are the base/foundation for a kick Ass CMS.

I don´t now if i explain my self very well, my English this morning is not very good, i need coffee.


This maybe an old topic, but I agree with him that WebFlow needs to seriously consider on having CMS implemented.

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