My page keeps redirecting to other pages

Hello, i have a problem with my site, i have also checked the discord channel and it seems that it has been happening a lot to other users too.

So the prolem is when i create a new page and publish it, it will automatically redirect my new page to /plans(My other page).

Important notes:

  • I did not duplicate this page, this is from scratch.
  • I have already tried unpublishing and republishing.
  • I have cleared my cache
  • I don’t have any 301s
  • i have checked my DNS and no issues from there

The community would need specifics to have a look and help you.
What are the URLs?

Wait apparently it’s okay now???

Yeah sorry about that it’s not working again

here’s the link: ReelGen | Blog Generation Landing Page
so it redirects me here

Without spending too much time debugging my guess is that it’s something to do with your Memberstack setup. You probably have the page marked as gated for members only, so MS redirects the user to what it thinks is the sign-up page ( which is also mis-configured ).

But just guessing.

The redirect is definitely happening in JavaScript however.