My page is scrolling in published site

Hello all,

My page is perfectly fine, static(?), in the designer preview but is scrolling in the published site on my iPad Pro and iPhone.

Any way to disable this?

> Here is my site Read-Only
> Published site

Hey @Silvan_Soeters1

Try these settings on Section (first item under Body in the navigator).


I was able to ensure it worked in preview mode but the real test is in on the published site (which I can’t do).

Give that a shot and let me know how it goes.


Hi @Tyler_W

Thanks for responding back to me. I tried this but it worked nonetheless. Do you have Any other suggestions? This should just work… I don’t understand it. It’s still very basic code for now.

> Here’s my New site’s Read-Only link

Hi @Tyler_W

I think I figured it out. I have set the first containers in my main section to Fixed position. There still comes up a scrollbar when I scroll, even when I’ve set Overflow to Hidden, so it’s not flawless. And I do think I miss a very small part of my background image. But it’s not horrible, so I think I’ll stick with this :slight_smile:

> New Read-Only Link
> Published site

Hi @Silvan_Soeters1,

If you really don’t want it to scroll you could set the body element to overflow: hidden.

Make sure you’re using a separate body class for other pages that should scroll though!

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