My Page Is Not Showing Elements and Sets Off Google Translate

For some reason the elements on my page is not showing up and for some odd reason after it loads Google Translate on my bower detects as it French and translates whatever it’s trying to translate

Here is the link.

BTW does anybody know how to remove the design editor on the right so I can edit the full page?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @WTA,

Would you be able to try removing the custom attribute on the ‘Form 14’, republish and see if this fixes the issues?

Let me know how you go!

It fixed it! But what would I use for that attributes place?

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Good to be able to pinpoint it! Does this page require users to be logged in to be able to see it?

It looks like data-ms-form = "profile" is used for updating user info:

I’m not sure. I copied the format from Memberstack’s cloneable templet for multi-sign up forums.

I found the issue. I accidently put ms-data-form=“signup” for some reason instead of data-ms-form=signup"

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