My page content replicates in other pages

Hi i am new to webflow community and i wanted to reach out for some support and guidance.
I am attempting to create a website for a festival , i purchased a template but my first challenge is editing content on each pages however that same content is displayed on every page but i want to enter new content on other pages but i am struggling to figure this out.
its editing content in a rich text block

Here is my public share link: **Webflow -

@John_Brown → Bind your rich text field to the CMS collection "Work Summary’ field. That will solve the problem. Webflow has lots of functionality and really requires people to learn and study. The Webflow university is rich with answers and tutorials. Welcome to Webflow.

Thankyou for most for replying to my query, and my apologies for lack of knowledge here, however i really want to learn webflow and i will take the time to study the rich tutorials, could you explain how i bind my rich text field to the work summary field many thanks