My non-www doesn't redirect to my www version on mobile devices

I just discovered the non-www version of my site doesn’t load. The www version (which is the default) loads perfectly.

The site in question is I have gone through the solutions provided in the previous posts made my members of the community but none worked.

How can I fix this? Thank you

I loads for me. iPhone 13. Safari and Chrome.
I enter the non www url and it redirects to the www version.

Oh, it’s loading on my Safari too but not on my chrome browser (I’m using a Macbook). Also not loading my phone (Redmi)

If it’s working on some devices, but not others than it is probably happening due to DNS cache (where your requests are being handled by outdated information about the domain).

I’d recommend following these steps to try and fix it: How to Flush DNS Cache on iPhone or Android Device

Then you can follow these steps to clear it in Chrome on your Macbook: How to clear the DNS cache