My news & events (blog) template is showing multiple posts


I’m building a blog/news section for this site (share link below), but I’m doing something wrong.

When I click on any blog post, it takes me to a page showing every blog post, rather than just the “current” post.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ATU Donegal

Hey Joe, welcome to the forum.

I think you’re talking about your News & Events collection page?

That page is a Collection Page, so it is already connected to a specific collection item, which here you can see in the top Item selector “Ruth Keogh…”.

However if you look at the Navigator, you can see the page actually contains a collection list, which is showing all of the articles on the site.

If you’re just wanting to show the one article, you don’t need that Collection List. You just drop your items on the canvas, and bind them, and they’ll show the content for the currently displayed item (Ruth, in this example).

To fix that, you should be able to drag your article contents, e.g. the NewsItems upward and out of the Collection lists, and then delete the Collection list. This should work since both the Collection list and the Collection page are bound to the same collection.

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Thanks a mil Mike!

That worked perfectly.

Much appreciated,