My new website is live :)

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you my new personal website.

Every feedback / bug report are welcome :slight_smile:
Was so hard for me to talk about myself and what i do :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a great day all


Hello @zbrah,

Good job with the website it looks good and it is easy to navigate, congrats!!

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Thank you @Pablo_Cortes :vulcan_salute:

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Nice design, I like it.
But it could do with a Home button though as you can’t navigate back to the first page.

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@Pasint Thanks dude ! Thought about that, but i think the only important info on the homepage people would want to catch once they are in inner pages is the contact. The first section is basic (blabla things for seo) so i think it’s not really important to go back there.