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My new portfolio website

I’ve just teamed up with my friend Sergio Sala to offer a new webdesign service.

This is the first version of our website, we call it a MVW (Minimum Viable Website) with just enough to start offering our services. We plan to expand it as we develop more content and portfolio pieces in the future.

Any comments and feedback is welcome:

A big hug from Chile


This is awesome! I love the subtle logo animation that makes the bison look like it’s hovering. Really neat integration of typeform too, I’m thinking of using that as well.

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I’m a fan of it Francisco. I love the subtle interactions. I’ve got nothing to critique other than keep up the great work.

Nice design. Only missing for me contact details section (fb, phone, email, address and so on). Not all users want to fill up a form or recognize that your names are clickable to twitter account

The project display and mockup looks great