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My navbar is "hidden" HELP, not sure what I did

Not sure what I did but I am sure I will hit my forehead when you tell me, lol

Hi @rjbiccum

Don’t hit it too hard :wink:

Double-click the green symbol ‘Nav’ in your navigator panel, then you’ll see it is set to display:none (eye with a line through). Set it to Block and you are good to go :slightly_smiling_face:

I noticed you have given your ‘Body’ element a class of ‘Navbar 2’ - so that could also confuse you as you build. You can give the body a class name and set styling, but probably best to call it ‘body’ in my opinion, here’s more info:

Thank you, yes, I find I do that quite a bit, then need to fix. I missed this, thank you for the help