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My nav bar menu disappears half of the content while scrolling to the other sections

Hello Everyone,
I am having a problem with my navigation menu bar. Half of the content disappear while scrolling, under the other elements. I tried to reset the overflow from all. I have it set on a sticky position. Another thing, when I am on the other section and press some button on the nav bar it hide some part of the section.
I thought fix position does this and with sticky position it moves down the position of other section, and it does not work for my design. Please help. Thank you

Hey @Raissa_Denise_De_Aus
Happy to help but we’ll need you to provide us with preview link, here’s how you can do that:

Here is the link: Webflow - Raissa De Austria's Portfolio

Thank you in advance

Bring this Box’s z-index to like a 10 or any relatively big number, that’s how it will show up on top

As for the scrolling that happens once you press a nav link and the fact that it overlays Heading of section you can solve that like this:

  1. Make all the containers/sections that you want to scroll to by clicking nav link relative.
  2. Add a div block into them and give it class named like “Anchor Point” and give it absolute position, to the top left corner and set it tto get out of that container to the top by like 75 pixels.
  3. Add to each anchor point a specific ID and assign those ID’s for scroll rather than ones you have now.

After that I think all issues that you are having should be solved, cheers

I got everything! Thank you very much for the time and effort!