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My Nav Bar Interaction doesn't show up in the live view compared to the preview


I am realising a few problems and one is that my nav bar interaction doesn’t actually show up in my sites as i’ve designed them to be. Can anybody guide or direct me as to where i have gone wrong and how i can rectify this?

Thanks in advance

Kieron B

Here is my public share link:

Hi Kieron,

Your navbar is fairly simple, so I suggest to use the native Webflow navbar element. It already have all the open/close/close on link click interaction built in.


I am aware of that but my main reason is because i want to be able to build different types of nav bars. Not just for this site but for others and it is nice to get an understanding of where i may have gone wrong and how i can rectify the issue :sweat_smile:

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Understood :smile:

  1. Give your Menu Container element a height property.
  2. In the closing interaction you have a display:none property, so add a display:flex in the opening interaction.