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My mobile Nav Menu keeps showing up under the Footer

I have run into this issue twice now. I am new at all of this but have been trying to learn and follow best practices from Webflow university.

My mobile Nav Menu continues to display under the footer when I go into preview mode. I know I’ve done something wrong to make this happen but I cannot figure this out. Any help would be wonderful.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Navbar 3 is the real navbar, but you’ve set the ID tag to Nav on NavMenu3 as well. Delete that and it works fine.

Hey Jonathan! I tried what you suggested and I did not get the results :sweat_smile:
Maybe I didn’t execute this correctly. I used the Navbar from the elements tab so I thought everything would be set up to work correctly. Clearly I have broken something lol

Try reordering things


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I ended up adding a separate Nav for mobile and got that to work. Still unsure of how I made a mess of things but i’m learning new things everyday so hopefully this wont continue to happen as I build. Thanks for your help Jonathan!

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