My love letter to Webflow

I started using Webflow 6 months ago and wanted to spread the word.

I wrote this article for a website in the UK that is focused on creating impact through digital technology.

How I got four times more effective at building websites (while home schooling my kids)

Any thoughts much appreciated!


Nice article!
For me, the best thing about webflows no code approach is the low level of abstraction towards the underlying structure of websites (html, css, js)

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Nice. I wanted to make the Digital Candle website!
Now we just need to get them all WCAG conformant :wink:

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I agree… I think that, and the simplified workflow to publishing sites are the two biggest produtivity wins. Oh, and the built-in CMS, that’s a big win too.

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We love this so much! Thank you for sharing! :star_struck:


Thank you very much for such a clear description and for a good idea!

Let me know if you want to help with the Candle site… we’ve got a few ideas about how to expand the service.

Are you talking about getting that site to be conformant or everything Webflow does? (If the former, feel free to let me know what I’ve done wrong. It’s something I should know more about.)

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What help do you need with Candle?

I’m about to launch a how to site on webflow and accessiblity…

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Would love to know, when it gets online!

It’s still very rough around the edges (especially responsive) and I’m uploading content as fast as I can… but here it is:

All feedback welcome
(there’s a page specific “Comment” button in the Footer)