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My live site does not show up when integrating via Zapier


I have created a Zap on Zapier to capture form data from our website to Hubspot.
This Zap performs well on our test domain i.e. the “” domain.
However, our main domain which is “” is not showing up on Zapier.
I have tried to reconnect it many times but it only allows me to connect our test account.

On getting in touch with Zapier, they said that they were making a GET request to Webflow to get the published accounts data but they were not receiving the main account details in the response.
( )

I have tried reaching out to Webflow but havent gotten a response so thought Id give the forum a try.
Can anyone please assist me with this?
Is it like a known issue?

Warm Regards,

Hey Upasana, when you test the sign up form on your domain, does the Zap automation work?

I don’t believe Zapier distinguishes between domains, so the list of sites will only show each site once.

Hey @sarwech
Thank you for your response
yes i got it clarified with Webflow.
The zap works on the live domain even if the test domain is the only one that shows up on Zapier.
turns out it was an issue with some custom fields I was capturing.

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