My landscape view is behaving oddly

I am having issues with my landscap and portrait layouts for my Home Page. The bottom section that is called “Specifications” has an element called “More Options” at the bottom. For some reason in landscape view when I select the button, more options it works correctly the 1st and 2nd click then it moves it up to 4 across instead of 3 accross and the button is all jumbled with text from the 3rd row, not sure what I did wrong but have not kept up my training. Also,… in Portrait and landscape modes only 3 of the buttons open up the Lightbox Image instead of processing the interactions. These buttons are “Chassis Options”, “Body Options”, and “Suspension Options” Thank you in advance for the help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@rjbiccumRob, the shared link does not work for some reason. I get a 404 error. Please create a new link and reattach here.

I have since created another section below this one, please ignore, just trying to work through it,
Thank you for your quick help,