My hosting plans were inexplicably cancelled and I can't login to my account

I received an email two days ago stating my hosting plans were inexplicably cancelled (my payment methods are active), and two of my clients’ sites are now down. To make matters worse, I can’t login to my account using Google SSO and I get an error every time I try to reset my account password. I’ve reset my Google password, cleared my cache, tried to login from an incognito browser, but nothing has been working. My clients’ sites have now been down for 2 days, and the only response I’ve received since from support has been to request account details I do not have access to. The lack and inefficiency of response from Webflow has been extremely frustrating – does anyone here have insight into these issues?

Hi @Eumin_Lee :wave: Joshua here from Webflow Support. You should be expecting a response from our Support Team to your ticket shortly. DM me if you haven’t received a response :blue_heart: