My "Hero" H1 is invisible in Preview mode

I’m using a starter theme but building out a new page from scratch. I have placed an H1 element inside a section at the top of my page, and it shows up exactly as I want it to in Designer for all breakpoints.

Yet when I switch to preview, the header item is not visible. Using the Inspector I was able to determine that something is setting an inline style on the element itself with an opacity of 0. This is not something I’ve requested, so I’m guessing it’s left over from a theme definition, but not seeing it. I’m guessing it’s some kind of animation that’s not triggering for some reason.

Here’s a read-only link. If anyone has a second to take a look, maybe this is something really obvious…


Look like the animation was on the SECTION - which was set to fade in on scroll. Which is fine, except when it just doesn’t work.