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My frustrating journey with Webflow

I have my own domain, and hosting. Just want to make one-off site, with no need for changes, and monthly payments. prabhadevi apartment mumbai

Hey everyone, I’ll start with saying that I love the webflow designer, tutorials, and helpfull community.

The thing is as much I as love it the pricing structure is waaayy to complicated for non-professional hobbyists, or if you have to make one-off static page, with no CMS, blogs etc. and don’t have to change anything for like 2 years. commercial property in pune

What do I mean:I’ve been working on my website for 5 moths, mostly in spare time, because I was preparing to launch my first company, not related at all to website building, just to be clear. In those 5 months I invested a lot of my savings for equipment, materials, marketing tools etc. to be ready for the launch. I’ve also had basic wordpress page and hosting to fill the gap when I worked in webflow.

Hi @johnbrony and welcome to the webflow community! :slight_smile:

To build and host a basic site with no CMS, you’d pay $12 per month for an annual plan or $15, if billed monthly.

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Hope this helps!