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My footer section style tag name keeps changing automatically


I have a footer symbol with grid inside of it, and I’ve noticed over the last day or so when editing the footer, that the footer section style tag keeps changing from ‘footer’ to ‘footer link’ after publishing (i think).

I thought initially I may have accidentally changed the style tag myself, so I changed it back to ‘footer’ but it’s happened now 4-5 times. I keep noticing it when I go into the footer symbol to make changes to the footer.

Is this happening for anyone else?

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Esteban

Thanks for posting about this.

Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I fully understand the issue — could you also possibly share some screenshots pointing out the problem?

​Thanks in advance!

Added above Brandon.

Thank you

@Brando also, i’ve just been in the designer and the text links in the footer, which I gave a style name of ‘footer link’ have all changed to ‘footer’. It’s done that a few times too.

Hi @Esteban

Thanks for sharing the link.

On this end the footer links are just called footer — I checked the style manager and don’t see any class for called footer links.

Can you please try duplicating that class and naming it footer link?

Then let me know if the class name changes back. That’s definitely weird that the class names change — so far I’m unable to reproduce this. Are there specific steps you took to see this behavior?

​Thanks in advance.

Ok, a few minutes ago I duplicated the first link under ‘holiday retailers’ in the footer, and renamed as you instructed.

I then updated to the published domain. Then exited to dashboard. Then logged back into the designer. Now that link no longer has a style. haha

You should be able to see that too.

Hi @Esteban

Thanks for testing that. I performed the same steps on this end but the change saved as expected.

I’ve reached out to our team to see what could be causing the loss of saved changes.

To ensure it’s not a network connection / ISP error — can you please try testing on a different machine and connection?

​Thanks in advance!

Hi @Esteban

Thanks again for posting about this.

Our team was able to dig into this some more and found the root cause of the issue.

We also found a workaround you can use — if you press CMD+S after duplicating the class the change will save as expected.

Our team will work on a fix for this, but the workaround should help for now!

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