My First Year's End with My Biggest Job at Webflow, Yet!

Hello Guys,

I’ve finished my first year in Webflow this last month. At the years end, I represented my client with almost finished job of their LASIEA brand women clothing website which was my biggest job since I started developing website in the past year.

They’ve asked for a nice representation of their company. They are pros at big-size clothes. I suggested several photographers but they used their guy and models for the job.

Whole site is finished except for the languages. Photographs need more photoshop but I will update them when they send. In several months, I will add some CMS to improve the site but they are for later.

I’ve one question. In the contact page that I’ve already finished, they asked for something more. Typical last minute revision :slight_smile: They wanted show a picture for the each location so I did some hover interaction so I don’t change much in design or layout. The change is for the desktop and I don’t have any idea to show photographs properly in mobile version.

My questions are;

  • how is the general aesthetics of the site ?
  • how is the contact page(do not forget to click on location in desktop and mobile).
  • in contact page how nice is photographs represented or it needs more work.

Published Link :

My Profile Link :

Here are some pics :slight_smile:


Hey @Dogukan_Uzak awesome project, would love to have a project like this! :webflow_heart:

I made some screenshots, with some advice (personal preference)


Overall very nice built! like the interactions you put in just well thought out!

Hope these help,


Ps. do you have an active instragam feed in place, if not would be awesome for the instagram section.

Edit: still gonna have a look at the contact page :wink:


Ohh man… what an AWESOME feedback ! I ll look in to these one by one and let you know about it.

I wasnt expecting this kind of return. Thank u so much :slight_smile:

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Sweet work, thanks for sharing. The red lines aren’t to my taste, but the overall presentation and minimalism, love it.

I’d maybe consider having a solid colour background behind the form on the contact page.


That was also another last minute revision. In the contact page there was picture bg. then they asked for a picture for each of the location and they wanted me to remove the original contact page bg so this what I’m left it.

You are been very helpful because the project is 95% finished. Need a little bit of polish it seems. Thanks for the input I’ll think of some thing for the form background.

Awesome job :slight_smile: I love the pre-loader function.

Just a few minor things apart from above feedback:

Since this is a B2C website, you need to take ensure the consistency of the mobile version too as you’ll probably get more mobile visitors. And a few things:

  • This version takes away from the model which has the clothing you want to promote in the mobile version.

  • #1 is gone. The interaction of ‘DISCOVER’ is a little too subtle and only when I was going through it did i notice it. Was it supposed to be a call-to-action button?
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I’m taking all of your feedback into consideration, and will try to apply within this week. Let you know asap. Thank you so much…

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@Dogukan_Uzak Awesome, good luck!

This is amazing work!!

Thank you @Andrew . Much appreciated.

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