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My first Website for me

I am very new. I watched the class today and have been reading the forums. I think my site might be too dark and busy. I am using a template called Conference Event. We have a year before the event and are in the process of planning and securing venues and people… hoping the website will draw folks from outside the area.

We don’t want the event to be another psychic fair. We want to include traditional well-being as well as spiritual speakers and vendors. We are hoping this will become an annual event that will bring education and tourists to our small town, and generate income for our efforts.

Thoughts about content–and design, please. Thank you :slight_smile:

The Hunters Moon Symposium will take place in 2017 right after the Hunter’s Moon.

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I really like the hero section with the moon and clouds.

The site looks really nice. I think having background images on every section is overwhelming and competes with the content on the site.

Maybe try having a sold background colour with a moon in the background.


I changed the background to solid, the text to an off white, added some hover action. Is this better?

Hi rvdebby,
Congrats on the 1st site! :slight_smile:

Between sections, before the interaction appear on scroll you have 2 images overlapping.
Not sure if that is the effect you want to achieve:

The speakers section looks really nice, although I would give some spacing to to the workshops row:

Overall, good job!

A lot of it is the template. Pablo has been very generous helping me to use it. I am very happy I used his design and will go back and get more from his portfolio.

I am really stretching here and it feels wonderful. I was going to make my partner write all the content, but it is a dream for me to write. I have been working for a year polishing up old skills and recently was rewarded with a large grant for a food distribution center. So I am going to suck it up, use that learning and get to work on some Good content. Current content is more reminder/placeholder.

Thank you for giving me input. It is very helpful. Your time and thoughtfulness are very appreciated.


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The more I look, the more I think that the solid cover is Dark. I want to get a feeling of enlightenment and fun. It looks like a vampire site. How do I stay on the color scheme and lighten it up? I am reading the e-book websites 101, and it addresses color and style and I thought I got it… but I’m not happy with this. Hmmmm,

You can use one of my favourite tools to match colours:

Give it a spin and have fun with it :wink: