My First Webflow Template (For Music / Bands)

Hello all,

Just finished my first Webflow Template I created for Themeforest. This template is designed for Musicians & Bands. Its inspired by the Trendy Spotify Duotone Design.

Have a Look. Duotone Music & Band Webflow Template

Its available to buy on Themeforest, If I’m allowed, I’ll provide a link to purchase :blush:



@surjithctly I just wanted to know how you published on themeforest? Did you have to write any kind of documentation or design a set number of pages for your template? Where can I get more information?

@fsociety79 They publically did not announce this. Yes. I did a small documentation and There are two variations of this template, one with multipages. See this :

Good job on the template. Although on mobile their is a horizontal scroll issue in the site. Maybe an interaction?

@VladimirVitaliyevich Oh… thanks for noticing.

Seems there’s no way to put overflow-x: hidden; on webflow :frowning: Also seems I couldn’t edit the initial scale and maximum scale in the meta tag.

Do you have any solution in this case? or is it possible to hide animation on mobile?


You cannot hide animations on mobile. But why not do an overflow hidden for both axis?

If a person purchases your template. How do they add it to Webflow?

@PixelGeek Adding overflow:hidden to the body will stop the usual vertical scrolling of the page right?

The only way is to add it to each section and that’s a pain. would be cool if there’s an option for X & Y axis.

@fsociety79 A documentation on how to add to webflow is included with the template. Basically, you will need to redeem a code from your Webflow Purchases page.

@surjithctly Can you show me the doumentation please as I wish to add a template myself?

Hi @surjithctly, I would try to setup an initial appearance for the element to display none, then on the interaction that triggers the move change, put an initial step of display block.

The overflow will be an issue while the element is set to display block on load, but should be solved by setting that to Display None on load.

Let me know if any question, I am here to help.

@cyberdave When I’m setting the initial appearance as display none, The space reduces. that will be a problem, right?

@fsociety79 This might help: Webflow Help Article (This is an even detailed version)

Hi @surjithctly, could you help to share the read.only link?

Thanks in advance.

@surjithctly I apologize if I sound stupid, but how do I find the Webflow redemption code?

@cyberdave Here you go

@fsociety79 You will need a special access for that. Contact Webflow team :slightly_smiling:

Very nice! I like the design a lot :slight_smile:

The Fan Page/Section is a great idea visually. I like it!

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@MetaFlare @DragonDon Glad you guys liked it :slight_smile:

Hi Surjith,

I love how it looks, but as a musician, I must point out some errors:

First, Kanye West doesnt make beautiful music :D. I know it’s a quote, and its my opinion. But I think that first quote will put of a lot of musicians, since Kanye is such an arrogant prick and just about everything what’s wrong with the music business today… Some suggestions:

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. - Bob Marley

“Life is for the living.
Death is for the dead.
Let life be like music.
And death a note unsaid.”
― Langston Hughes,

“All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.”
― Frank Zappa
(not so usable but funny nonetheles :D)

“When I was a little boy, I told my dad, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a musician.’ My dad said: ‘You can’t do both, Son’.”
― Chet Atkins (<-- THIS!!! I love it <3 :))

My point being ofc, there are loads of funny, inspirational, moving, captivating, heartwrecking and soultrashing quotes from musicians that made music from the perspective of music, not money or personal fame.(like Kanye). You would do good to quote such a musician.

You could pick several from these kinds of quote sites: & Go wild :smiley: Just don’t quote people who are unworthy of quoting unless its to emphasize their idiotic behavior :smiley:

p.s. the other 2 quotes are much better, and probably deserve a spot before Kanye (sorry i really loathe the bloke).

2nd “error” I noticed: Pink Floyd - female singer :stuck_out_tongue:
and the stockphotos of musicians that are not the ones you named (sigur ross etc…)

number 3: Bob marley and the Wallers (its Wailers) and a pic of Kathy Perry (or whats her face) next to it…
4: random access memories, by daft punk, has the wrong pic too. (great artists and great album tho)

Thats it :smiley:

Again, I really love how it looks! Just wanted to point out the errors from a musician perspective.



Hello @MarijnWijb Thanks a lot for your feedback.

It was meant to be a dummy text. I’m from a different country :slight_smile:

However, I’ll change those text to avoid any hate on the first look as it was intended for musicians.

Thanks a lot.