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My First Two Designs with Webflow

Hi Friends,

I just came up with these two designs which are my very first on webflow.
I have the gut feeling that more great designs will come as i am constantly watching and practicing along all tutorials i can get.

The first was modeled along a webflow tutorial i got on youtube while the second was done from a psd mockup i did a while ago.

Let me know what you think friends.

thank You Webflow. :heart_eyes:

I have not really perfected the designs from the tablet down to mobile. This just for desktop interface.
Please don’t mind my enthusiasm :smile:

The first one is great, but I can’t scroll without clicking on sections. The second one is great, but I’m not feeling the wood design.

Thanks! :smile:

I’ve been trying to figure out why the first site doesnt scroll, guess i tripped on something.
Yes the wood design, the resolution is not that great.

Thanks for checking it out. I’m constantly refining myself. More coming soon.

Great to see you’re getting involved with WF, it’s an awesome tool!

I agree with @MinewireNetwork , the second design works well but wood (unless you’ve got a damn good reason for it) makes anything look very dated. I would just get rid of the wood and go for either banner images (landscapes are brill for this, flickr has loaaads of free to use landscape pics available, here’s a link or the colour gradients you’ve used on the other site.

I really like the other site, too, apart from I can’t scroll either, I guess it might be that you’ve set overflow:hidden for your entire page? If you publicly share your site we can take a look, see this How to Enable a Webflow Share Link if you’re not sure how to do it. Also on this site, I think the sign up hover state is a bit much, it’s quite distracting. How you did it on your landing apps page works nicer!

Oh and I love how the nav buttons rotate slightly/grow in size on hover, this is dead playful and fun! Will remember if I’m doing a site for an audience that needs a bit of excitement haha.

One last thing, if this is your first shot at WF then well done, looking great on the whole.


Thanks Jamie, you made me smile alot :smile:

Yes its my first time, and i’m in awe at the power of Webflow.

I just did a couple of coming soon sites and i’ll share them soon.
Thanks for the resources, you made me feel at home.

No worries! Glad it helped.