My first time configuring a custom domain

So, I followed the instructions on the video tutorial but I think I’m doing something wrong and is my first time and I’m totally lost. I have captured some screens to show how I have configured it and see if someone can help me out!

Getting the unlink message in webflow dashboard

Domain registrar’s - A record


Hi @veronica0311

It can be worrying when connecting your first few sites, but there are a couple of good signs: - shows this site was built in Webflow - looks in good health in terms of propagation

If you are still seeing that issue, there should be a livechat box on that dashboard page - and the support team may be able to check on things and assist you. (6am - 6pm Pacific)

Hi Veronica,

Beyond what Stu mentioned, the only thing I can see is it looks like you might need to add the www to the CNAME, for example CNAME Name=www or, and then leave the Value proxy address as you have it. Also note that it can take a while sometimes for your new settings to register on the host severs. For comparison, here are my host domain settings that I set to Webflow a couple of days ago…ignore the period at the end of each .com as that is something that my domain host adds. My site isn’t public yet, but I tested it and the custom domain setup for Weblfow works with these settings.

Thank you all for your comments, I think I’m doing something wrong beacuse if I type the url I get an error message

Hi @veronica0311

Have a look at @mistercreate solution here and see if it works for you.

If not, when you are in the hosting tab, you should see a ‘livechat’ feature where a support team member can take a look for you and check all is in shape.