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My first New website in webflow

Hi all this is my fist website ever designed by webflow after two months just learning from tutorials and from the amazing people in this forum… highly appreciated if you took a look and gives me your feedback on the look and feel of the website which was inspired from you all… the website no complete and i would like to see the Deals page which i did something similar to the concept of filtering like isotope (what do you think?)

and all images will be changed

thanks in advance for your comments

Kind regards,


I think it came out really nice, especially considering this was your first site!

The only thing I might adjust is the “Truly Great Stay” section is not as wide as the other sections and it seems off this way to me. If you want it to be narrower I would probably make it even more so. So it doesn’t appear to be a mistake or mis-alignment.

Nice work!

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I could never create a website like that… and im just starting out as well… been using webflow on and off for a couple of months now and only have watched a few tutorials…

In my opinion it looks as professional as any other professional websites, which means it’s good. I don’t personally know what you can change but…

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@Igitzu thanks it means a lot to me :slight_smile:

@JeffrySG thanks a lot i did not notice it as I become blind to details :slight_smile: I did the alignment to match the above boxes :slight_smile:

thanks a lot

Looks great!! Looking forward to seeing your next project!

ps. I really like the subtle background texture!

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Hey, @Baseem_Ahmad

Congratulations with your first Webflow site, really good job! Nice color scheme and smart use of background patterns. :thumbsup:

Few minor things that I would probably change:

On the “Deals” page, I would not use pattern on the thumbnail titles and yet I would add a little bit more “white space” on top and the bottom of the deals container:


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@sabanna thanks a lot for your feed back highly appreciated. I will work on it and show you the final results :slight_smile:

you all awesome

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What a great start! Looks really amazing.
If this is the first one, can’t wait to see what you’ll do next :slight_smile:

@nita_design thanks alot im working on the next already :slight_smile:

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Looking good! Not sure about the diagonal lines in the footer section though. To my eyes it makes the text appear as if it’s floating. It’s not optimal for readability.

Other than that, very good, especially for a first time Webflow website. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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@NvdB31 thanks a lot for browsing the website I guess you are right i have not to make it over and put it every where keep it simple better…

thanks again i really appreciate your comments :slight_smile: