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My First Implementation of Webflow Search(Beta)

Webflow search is super efficient. Love the way search was implemented. I was always wondering how the team would pull it off. Unsurprisingly, they nailed it imo!

I implemented my first and it was a breeze. My client loves it! I had issues with displaying images on the search page but after indexing it again…boom! It got fixed. See it below.


Nice design @jaymal, I really like the search, I have shared this with the team :slight_smile:

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I can’t see the search on mobile?

Yeah…against my judgement the client doesn’t want the search bar on mobile.

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Nice work @jaymal

A magnifying glass could work as a non-intrusive ‘hint’ at search on mobile - good luck with client/keep trying :wink:


Oh I see, nice site, keep up the good work