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My first homepage

This is my 1st attempt, coming soon homepage. I’d like evaluations. Be brutal. It’s okay. I’m married

Here is my public share link: **LINK**
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I’m married as well. Let us begin.

Do not use ultra-specific margins for positioning. You’re setting yourself up for a world of pain. It looks like you were trying to achieve centering. The icon in the lower-right of this section is the one you’re looking for. Give it a try. It’ll change your life.

The yellows you are using are just about the ugliest colors you could possibly use on a website. Not only that, but yellow can be a jarring color. Check out the eyedropper tool. If I remember correctly, you need to install a Webflow extension to Chrome in order to use it, but that way you can sample colors from your logo/whatever.

Cooper Black with an outerglow and what looks like 80% spread. Don’t do it, man. That Kaushan Script is nice though; I think it fits what you’re using it for.

Your colors need real help, though. It feels like you’re going for pastels in order to be soothing, but it ends up just looking washed out.

That’s a quick critique. Overall it really isn’t bad for a first attempt. I think if you strengthen your color game and use some better formatting techniques (your formatting decisions are fine. I’m just talking techniques) you’ll be well on your way.

I appreciate the input. I’m sure color is part of my problem most of the time, (and may always be-I’ve got on my brown shoe and one black shoe). I’m about 35% colorblind. Your suggestions are helpful, and I’ll try to use them.



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