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My First EVER Official VW/VH/EM Website 🖥 💻📱

Now I am completely confused…:worried::confused:

I checked out the site. It’s nice and runs good on my note5. I personally think what captures peoples attention is pictures. If you are able to get people to look at your work by pictures instantly, you connect to them mentally and the more they dwell deeper into the site. Nothing wrong with your site, just a different viewpoint from another guy somewhere around the world.

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Thanks for the amazing critique! :grinning: My first couple of portfolio sites were with pictures although then I chose to switch styles and focus more on sites with a lot of clean space and icons. Although this is a very good idea. Maybe my next website will have pictures. I typically enjoy doing websites without pictures though just because it is easier and my preferred style but you make a very good point. As you can see on my Webflow portfolio I could use more websites that contain more pictures and have a more variation of styles. Thanks! @cgmindd You mentioned you were somewhere around the world, in what language did the Submit button appear to you? It seems to be appearing in different languages around the world :grinning::wink:

It turns out that for different languages the button language does change. I tried it out on my new iPhone which is now set to a default of Russian language and the whole website was in English except the Submit Button which was in cyrillic. @Waldo and @PixelGeek I have a question, so should I just write Send instead of leaving the default SUBMIT phrase in order to disable this language changing effect? Here is a screenshot of the site on my iPhone which changed to Russian [cyrallic text] which resulted in an ugly text because the current text does not support cyrillic…

It turns out I just had to type in Submit rather than leaving it at the default submit option.

Now I have experienced another problem, the Projects Section Div’s are not how they appear on the Webflow previewer, any suggestions on how to fix this? Preview
Webflow Preview iPhone:


Hey @VLADinSACRAMENTO try removing the set height on the text inside of the portfolio link block holder element. :smile: For responsive design, I try to stay away from setting heights on certain elements and letting the padding do the work for me instead :smiley:

​Please let me know if this solves the problem, if not, I’m happy to help further :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Waldo that did the trick on mobile although then the rectangles on the desktop do not have a fixed height all together and look messy. Although I just remembered that Mobile and Desktop can be made different so what I have done is leave the Desktop as a fixed height [because it looks fine], although on the mobile version I made it auto. Thank you so much for you time and help! :wink::grinning:

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Really great job, I love it. Anything I would not like falls under the personal preference category and really is not important, so Ill just say them. I like the arrow at the top but not particularly the red, I personally might make it transparent, outlined and bigger though. The finished sight page looks empty of course when you build more it will fill. Maybe just make the size larger for now to fill space and adjust it on the go? Not sure what I would do but it looks unfinished as it is. Really nice job!

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Thank you so much @kimAllen you pointed out some very good points. Although in my opinion I like the arrow in red in the Hero section I do agree with you greatly that there needs to be a change in the Projects Section. I was recently thinking about options on how to make this better temporarily though I just do not know if I should spend the time on it. This is because I have currently a lot of projects in the working process one with being close to done and one that I am starting soon and I expect a large amount of websites to be doing soon. Maybe in about two weeks it will be better and more filled so as a result I will just leave it as it is.:grinning: Though I want to thank you for pointing this out and expressing your thoughts on the situation. I agree with you 100%. Its just that I am soon going to upload more projects on it so I will just wait a couple more days or weeks rather than redesign the Section. I am currently working on another section of the website so when you press the link to the projects I have done it will go to the page in the website where there will be more information about the site. Stay tuned for all the updates! :smile:

maybe just placeholder pics? and that could include images from your current sites. List them as “content examples” or something. The church site has the videos if you want movement to fill it out. Like I said nothing wrong with the red and green, just preference, although you may want to up the size of the up arrow

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@kimAllen Thanks for the suggestion but I think I rather stick to the original game plan due to the fact because I have already started making new features based on the design I have currently and the current plan but the main reason is because I have a site that is still not published yet for a client that has the same similar idea that you described to me. But thanks for the cool idea. :grinning: Like they say “great minds think alike” if you want I can contact you when the other site is live and you can see that your suggestion was taken into use. :grinning: Thanks for your contribution to making my sites better.:wink::grinning::blush:

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yes please let me know. I like your work

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@kimAllen Thanks, really appreciate it. :smile:

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@kimAllen Thanks again, do please follow me on Webflow if you like my work. Thanks! :wink::grinning::blush:

I did follow you, and your welcome

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Hey guys, I have listened to all your advise and have re-branded my brand. Check it out here and let me know what you think. Comment on the other site. Thanks! @AlexN @TomLamers @JoeMillion @DFink @cgmindd @kimAllen

Hey Vlad, you’re making fast progress! Looks way better already!

I’m not sure for what reason you placed a preview of your old site on your new site, to me that’s confusing. What’s old, get rid of it and move on :slight_smile: I do it all the time :slight_smile:

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Okay, will get rid of it when I am back on my iMac. Thanks for the advise. :wink: