My dropdown hover menu broken on Chrome?

Having some trouble with a new dropdown menu on my website. When I view the following link in IE9, it seems to work fine, but in Chrome the ‘Home’ div that sits below the nav bar appears to clash with the ‘My Account’ dropdown menu… any help gratefully received!

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Home seems to be working ok

but your Account dropdown is having an issue with the page title.

Take a look

Hi Revolution

Many thanks for having a look - and yes, you’re right - my original query wasn’t particularly clear - as you’ve identified, there’s an issue with the way that the ‘Account’ dropdown interacts with the content div on the page…

At the moment, I’m not sure of the best way to fix it - I’ve set the z-indexes of the respective elements such that they should be correctly ordered. Not sure how else to remedy?



seems - when you set the title to position:relative
it messes up the dropdown

try setting position:auto

See video

The Design seems to have an oddity in it’s behavior.

If you select an element - set position:relative

  • then select position:auto… the “position link” is still highlighted
  • the and resulting code will be “position:static”

If you remove the position class completely

  • it defaults to position:auto
  • and the resulting code is - no position code is created.

Perfect - that’s solved it. Odd issue!

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