My div from a Rich-Text CMS has a size in "pxpx"


I found an object in my website that has a size written in “pxpx” instead of “px”.
Obviously it doesn’t work well.

I think it’s a bug from Webflow, but if anyone who had the same problem found a solution?

Here’s a screenshot of my problem :

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum Jordi!

Can you share a read-only link?

Hello RoryVB,

Thank you, here’s the link : Webflow - Units

Hmm strange, I haven’t really been able to find anything. Sorry!

hi @Jordi_Vuong the attribute style mean that code is injected into the element directly by your custom code or some 3d party library you are using.

You may try to set your RT images in CMS to auto which will make these 100% you have some set to full width and when you switch to custom it will show 1200 or 1800. at least it is some suggestion of where to start.

BTW: you should consider image optimization as these images are too heavy to load, :thinking: