My developer says interaction effect made from webflow cannot be applied

Many thanks to Webflow. Thanks to webflow, I could make a prototype site for a developer.
I expect the interaction effect works well in a developed site with webflow export code, but my developer says it does not work in the real site. Did anyone here has experienced same thing?

For example, I made an overlay feature like this (Please check it in mobile view).

When clicking the yellow button, an overlay appears and clicking the upper side arrow, overlay disappears in webflow site.

But why did he say so? I do not know why and want to solve this situation.

Hi @bookoob,

Interactions will work on hosted webflow sites, however, they will not work on exported code site. That is just how the exported code works. It is meant to export the static information of a site if you plan on using a developer to create it on a different platform. Therefore, interactions will not work when exported from the Webflow platform.

Your developer will have to hard code that overlay interaction for you.


Hi. Mr. Brandon. Thanks for your kind reply.
I have one question about this issue.

The image is in this link page.

When users click the black bar, the modal appears. And the modal interaction is also made by using webflow interaction. This interaction works well in the exported site.

And also in this page, there is sliding effect on book list using webflow interaction. It also works well in exported site. (this effect is only for mobile phone.)

Are there any specific interactions that can work properly at exported site?

Thanks again.

@bookoob I export Webflow code (including interactions) and have no problems using the exported code on live sites.
I have a hard time believing that your developer cannot use the exported code. Maybe he/she is not much of a developer?

maybe he/she works at Accel in that case?

Could you let me know what is Accel?

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