My designer looks different than my published site? (SOLVED)

Everything was working fine on my page yesterday, but for some reason last night my published page looks different than my designer. I’m having a hard time locating the issue since all of my items are CMS. There is one CMS item that looks fine (the acrylic painting), but everything else is wrong and some things are missing?

The page I need help with is linked to the Open Studio Page in the navigation.

I did change my background, but that’s really it.

Everything looks fine on mobile, it just looks weird on desktop?

Here is my site Read-Only:

The site is

Hello @Jasmine_Rodriguez, the issue you are having has to do with the size of your images and because you don’t have boundaries for them, the one that is working is smaller and it fits on that space. One way to fix it would be to give your Image 10 class a width of 50%. I hope this helps.

Ah I was wondering if that was the problem! Thanks so much

Your welcome @Jasmine_Rodriguez please consider marking the issue as solved so other people with similar issues can reference this post. Take care.

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