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My content does possess the same position in the builder as when it is published

I am still trying out Webflow so please don’t expect to find some AMAZING site…however I can’t continue if it doesn’t act right. So when I am centering the header text of the website in webflow it looks nice. When I go on the published version it is offcenter. How do I stop this issues from happening? This is the 2nd website it has done this with. Here’s the link:

Thank you!

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Design21 Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Can you also post your read-only link?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Design21, it looks like the header in use is using a column with a 2-10 layout, which means the content in the right column has more space than content on the left column.

I have a couple of quick suggestions, however if you are looking for some different kind of layout, let me know and I am happy to take another look.

I hope this helps

Oh my. I can’t believe you took out the time to make a video. Thanks a lot. I will take your advice and my only question is, will the site in webflow now have the same format as when it is live?

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